In 2009 International Romani Union has presented a document of identification named as „Roma passport”. First of all „Roma passport” was created as a document confirming affiliation of his owner to the nation of Roma. Within the process of democratisation of the world’s society the last generations of national passports do not include any information in connection with nationality, social status and place of the residence of his owner.

Notification of the national belonging has an extremely importance for the Roma people because they doesn’t have their own territory (country) and it means that the international rules regarding passport legalisation for Roma are difficult to establish.  The core of such difficulties is, in fact, that in the process of implementation of various programs directed to the support of Roma people it is necessary to take in consideration some following peculiarities: at first, it is necessary to confirm that the obtainer of material and humanitarian benefits within artistic, commercial and humanitarian support programs implemented by the world’s society for Roma people really belong to the nation of Roma. Secondly, due to existence of „Roma passport” any mistakes and discrepancies in distribution of material benefits within support programmes for Roma nation can be avoided. Thirdly, it’s a self-evident truth that it is the right time to present the Roma people to the world not as an uncontrollable gang, but as a nation ready to take part in the process of world’s development. By legalization through identification of ourselves we will change the world’s attitude to us and thus we will confirm our readiness, proudly and respectfully, to take part in various activities within fields of sports, arts, culture and science. It is very important to understand that the owner of „Roma passport” has a full and legal rights and is eligible  for  real help and protection from The International Romani Union in various fields of social and economical life of world’s society. It’s necessary to remember that the legality of passport within Roma community may be determined only by the Congress of International Romani Union. Legality of passport within world’s society may be achieved by negotiations with each country where Roma people are living,and by negotiations with United Nations Organisation, Council of Europe and European Parliament. At the  moment the issue of „Roma passport” is  very active and it is under consideration in all departments of world’s political system. However, it is necessary to understand that matter of passport legalisation is connected with a considerable work which can not be completed in short time. Here is the short technical information about „Roma passport”:

-„Roma passport” has 15 levels of protection which allows to consider it as very progressive and meets top level of protection;

-International Romani Union is the only organisation officially holding a licence of personalisation and distribution of „Roma passport””. Besides to make the implementation of „Roma passport” more effective following steps were taken:

 - creation of the central international passport department,

 - creation of the branches of passport department in 17 different locations all around the world,

 - creation of the group of passport specialists already actively working in field of passport system legalisation for Roma people.

Finally, I would like to turn your attention to couple of ideas: to change something in the world it is necessary to announce own ideas, it’s necessary to tirelessly work on idea’s distribution, finally, it is necessary to determine ourselves as the carrier of ideas. We have actually began our work with the matter of the recognition of our nation. It is  extremely important for our existence and our passport is the one of the things that will help us to change our future for the best.

Let the people stop to guess if we are Roma or not, let them know, that we are Roma.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Normunds Rudevics

The President of IRU,  20 August 2015

ROMA PASSPORT - additional ID document (not valid for travel) WWW.ROMANOLIL.ORG