Letter to the President of Russia with expression of condolences.  Sinai Russian plane catastrophe. 1.11.2015

On behal of IRU and all of the Roma Nation, Dr. Normunds Rudevics has sent a letter to the Russian Government with a message of deep condolences.

17,18,19 08.2015

International Romani Culture Festival - ROMA WORLD  took place in Latvia in August 2015 , for the first  time,launching a new exciting opportunity for the artists  of Roma origin to showcase their art. Representatives of 15 countries entertained crowds for several days in Riga, Ventspils,Kauguri, Jurmala, with rich programmes. Live broadcast of the two Gala concerts in Dzintari, Jurmala was provided by TV24 Riga. The Gala concerts were opened by Mr. Normunds Rudevics. The President of Latvia with the members of the Latvian Cabinet - ministers and honorary guests including ambassadors, ombudsman, councils and members of Latvian elite honoured the Festival with their presence.  www.romaworld.eu          


Dr. Normunds Rudevics is elected to the President of the International Romani Union on the 9th Congress of IRU in the city of Riga, Latvia.

The Congress of IRU took place in the Town Hall of the Mayor of Riga. Elections  were held for the Cabinet members. A new memorandum was agreed upon.

EVZ FOUNDATION. September 2015

Official announcement of the representative of the Foundation with regards to the recently spread rumours about  compensations up to 20,000 Euro to Roma persons born before 1937.

“EVZ Foundation  is confirming that in accordance to the laws of compensation and restitutions  compensations are  made only through the Programmes announced on the official site. No compensations in such amount are made. Please beware of any bodies and organisations proposing to fill in paid applications!  Please consult the official sources.”

Valentina Valtchuk, EVZ.

Stiftung "Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft"

Letter to the President of France with expression of solidarity and  condolences.  Paris terror attacks 13.11.2015

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris and France, following the terrible attacks on innocent civilians on the 13th of November. Please accept our deepest condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims.We see these attacks as an assault on the free world, on civilisation, on everything we consider human. Our hope is that these hard times are to make us stronger in unity against barbarism, terror and fundamentalism all over the planet. Roma people are with you.”  

Dr. Normunds Rudevics, The President of Romani Union

EVZ FOUNDATION. Board of Trustees meeting. 10. 12. 2015

EVZ Foundation has held its Board of Trustees meeting in Berlin. Dr. Normunds Rudevics has joined the Board as representative of International Romani Union.The Board of Trustees approves the report on the development of the new funding programme "Support for Roma survivors of the genocide" for the next 3 years.

The visit of the Ambassador of the United States of America  to the Roma Art and History  Museum and the meeting with the President of IRU. 16.02.2016

The Ambassador of United States of America, Mrs Nancy Bikoff Pettit has visted the Roma Cultural Centre on the 16th of February 2016. After the tour of the Museum the Ambassador attended presentation of the activities and strategic plans of the International Romani Union. The subjects of the meeting included the programme of passports for Roma, the programme of employment – Tabor of the 21st century, the programme of commemoration of Roma Holocaust, as well as the possibilities of supporting the International Romani Culture Festival - Roma World, planned for 18 – 21 August 2016 in Jurmala and Riga. Collaboration between the Embassy and  IRU were discussed as well.  

Open Letter of The President of IRU  and the Cabinet to the Head of European Commission. Subject: Current Roma policies within EU and the implementation of the Programme 2020. 20.03.2016

To read the letter

IRU Cabinet meeting on the 19.03.2016 in Riga, Latvia.

The protocol of the meeting and resolutions

The President of IRU  has sent  a letter of condolences to King Philippe of Belguim after the terror attacks in the capital Brussels, o bejalf of IRU and Roma people worldwide.  22.03.2016

EVZ FOUNDATION. Board of Trustees meeting. 16. 06. 2016

EVZ Foundation has held its Board of Trustees meeting in Berlin. IRU is happy to inform that a new  Programme has been approved by The Board of Trustees. The new funding programme  is called "Lacho Dives", it will disperse 500 000 Eur for the year 2016 for Roma related programmes for NGOs. Read the official document and calls for applications here.

Dr. Rudevic with Dr. Erberhart, the new Director of the Foundation EVZ.


International Romani Union expresses its deep condolences to the family of our dear friend and colleague, exceptional Roma activist and a brilliant mind, Mr. Valery Novoselsky, who tragically passed away on the 19th of August 2016 in Riga, Latvia.

Official Letter.


ROMA SENIORS CONFERENCE   18 - 21 .08.2016


On the 18th -21st of  August 2016 in Jurmala the first Roma Seniors Conference took place.


On the 20th of  August 2016 in Riga the IRU cabinet and presidium meeting has taken place. To see the resolutions please enter here:


ROMA HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE  & RESEARCH CONFERENCE On the 12th of  September 2016 in Tallinn, Estonia, a conference took  place, dedicated to Samudaripen -the Roma Holocaust.

ROMA WORLD FESTIVAL   18,19,20.08.2016

For the second year in the row the Festival Roma World  showcased the best Roma artists of the world. Representatives from 16 countries performed fro three consecutive days on the stage of Dzintari Concert Hall I Jurmala, Latvia.

The Organising Committee of the Festival has signed a partnership agreement with MEZZO TV, available in 55 countries and having more than 28 million subscribers all over the world. Together we are certain Roma art will be appreciated even more, whilst we continue to showcase the diversity of Roma music traditions from all corners of the world.

International Romani Union was established in 1971, in 1979 people of Roma officially achieved a legal form of nation. In 1979 International Romani Union (IRU) became a member of United Nations Organisation (UNO) and officially obtained a special consultative status (Category II  NGO  №  D 9424). Today, International Romani Union is the only international organisation representing the rights of Roma people in the world. In 1971 the national flag of Roma people was presented to the world society by the International Romani Union, it was accepted and adopted by the nations of the world. Today the flag of Roma people together with all other national flags is presented at the United Nations  and The Council of Europe.

ROMA HOLOCAUST CONFERENCE, Vilnius, Lithuania   06 - 12.10.2016

ROMA HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE  & RESEARCH CONFERENCE took place together with the exhibition and a conference at the Seim (Parliament)  of Lithuania, dedicated to Samudaripen -the Roma Holocaust.



The President of IRU Dr. Rudevich was invited by the Ukrainian government to participate in the ceremony of remebrance of Babiy Yar victims. The invitation was extended by the  Prime Minister Groisman. Dr. Rudevich was also received by the President, Mr. Poroshenko.

Passing of Esma Redzepova  11.12.2016

Dear brothers and sisters!

Our nation has lost one of its ardent activists, a wonderful singer and artist Esma Redzepova. She promoted Roma culture on many levels, enjoying world wide fame, participating in social activities and representing Roma with pride. Roma world and the world of music have suffered a big loss with her passing. She will be also remembered as a social and political activist of IRU.      

On behalf of International Romani Union  we are expressing condolences to the family of Esma Redzepova, she will be missed by all of us.

Lokhi phuv lake!

Dr. Normunds Rudevics and the Cabinet of IRU


A special meeting was organised in Zagreb, Croatia on the 3rd of  November between IRU delegates, the President of IRU Dr. Normunds Rudevich and the Commissioner for Language and linguistic rights Dr. Marcel Corthiade.

The meeting was joined by the Speaker of the Croatian Parliament Mr. Bozo Petrov, Mr. Veljko Kajtazi, member of the Parliament of Croatia, Ms Suzana  Krcmar (Kali Sara organisation), Mr. Stanislav Stankiewitz, Head of Parliament of IRU.