On the sixteenth day of August in the year of 2015, the leading  country delegates of the 9th IRU Congress in Riga, Latvia, as well as  members of IRU Cabinet have signed the following memorandum:


of common understanding and agreement on the following:

To empower Roma community in the world, to protect its legal rights, raise its level of affiliation to the nationality as well as establish a valid instrument of statistics, we decided:

1. To continue with Roma passportisation programme;

To promote prosperity among Roma people around the world, eradicate poverty, discrimination as well as co-ordinate the help for those in need, we decided:

2. To continue and strengthen the co-operation with the International Committee of Red Cross as well as ombudsmen of world and European countries;To create real and functioning instrument of integration, to restore the law of kin among Roma community and promote national cultural heritage and traditions as well as raise the level of education, professional skills and income of Roma community, we decided:

3. To attract funding, sign agreements with local municipalities in order to start building first Villages of Employment; To establish more efficient and less bureaucratic model of governance of the IRU as organization, we decided:

4. To support the proposal from the member of IRU Cabinet, Normunds Rudevics, and make necessary changes in the IRU statutes;Roma was next to other ethnicities exposed to Holocaust during the World War II, but sadly there are lack of information and knowledge about that time and atrocities towards Roma people mainly from Nazi groups and soldiers. Therefore we decided:

5. To actively involve historians and continue to research the Holocaust of Roma during the World War II, create memorials, raise issue of compensation to living eyewitnesses as well as co-operate with EVZ Foundation in Berlin, Germany;

We also commonly decided:

6. To continue a unified social and economic and cultural programme of World Roma with a view to fulfil the will of the Romani people in a multinational cultural environment;

7. To clearly define legislation needs and seek assistance from the international organizations for legal protection, in line with the implementation of the defined goal (There is a possibility for the International Romani Union to become a cooperation partner for the EU Strategy 2020 – COM (2011) 173);

8. To coordinate and support the unified social and economic programme of World Roma from countries which are partners of the EU 2020 Strategy.

Signed by 48 delegates from 27 countries.

Links:  http://roma.idebate.org/news-articles/memorandum-9th-iru-congress-held-riga-latvia

9th Congress of IRU in Riga, Latvia